Yamaha VXC4W 4" 60W Ceiling Speaker - Pair

Full-range speaker with a 4" driver

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VXC series features newly customized transducers with large, powerful magnetic circuits that increase driving and braking force substantially, as well as dedicated tweeter diaphragms and speaker cone paper made from a carefully-created blend of materials that help optimize sound reproduction. Cabinets are built tough to meet the demands of a wide variety of commercial environments, constructed from a carefully selected plastic with just the right tensile strength, and designed with optimized bass-reflex tuning to offer a firm, tight low-end.

Tech Specs

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Brand: Yamaha
Continuous Power: 30W
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
100V High Impedance: 30W (330Ω), 15W (670Ω), 7.5W (1.3kΩ)
70V High Impedance: 30W (170Ω), 15W (330Ω), 7.5W (670Ω), 3.8W (1.3kΩ)
Maximum Peak SPL: 108dB
Frequency Range: 80Hz - 20kHz
Weight: 3kg
Width: 23cm
Depth: 20cm
Manufacturer Part Number: VXC4W
Country of Origin: Japan

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