Why Vbizz

When we opened in 2008, our Mission is Deliver the LIVE QUALITY into PEOPLE's LIFE by carrying the good equipment; offer liberal and straightforward policies; be big enough to provide extensive services and competitive prices. 
Since 2008, audio and video technologies have made great strides, our industry has been transformed, and we have championed these advances. Through it all, however, the human factor has remained constant. Our customers have not become “digitized” and neither has our way of doing business. If you are purchasing a cost-no-object whole-house audio/video system, we continue to follow our guiding principles. 
Vbizz is a full service of Audio and Visual, from Designing, Supplying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning. We will never miss one step! If you require Professional Audio and Visual Equipment, our in-house Consultant can meet your needs. We supply audio gears of all shapes and sizes from connectors, cables, and tools all the way up to full sound systems and mix consoles. Please see our lists of Manufacturers, PA System categories and Visual System categories and LED Screen Display. 
We are a company certified by Ministry of Finance Malaysia (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) from Design, Supply and Install for Audio Visual Equipment. 
Meet our Executive Team
Our executives are intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of their respective departments. They all take great pride in ensuring that Vbizz's customers receive the best possible service and an outstanding consultation and shopping experience, whether via our Sales Engineers or via our website. Our executive team is readily available if you need to contact them. Due to spam problems, we can't list their e-mail addresses here. However, you may e-mail any of our executives directly using the standard Vbizz e-mail address format: [email protected] 
Vbizz Timothy
Timothy Chai
Founder and CEO
Timothy, a Malaysian who always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His first was a successful Professional Audio Business, which he has been doing until now. Timothy is a positive thinker. He is passionate about inspiring young people to help make tomorrow better, encouraging them to include giving in everything they do. His hope is to see a future full of social-minded businesses and consumers. Our mission is Deliver the LIVE QUALITY into People's LIFE
Quality Control QC
Beck Phong
Quality Control and Sales Engineer 
Mr.Beck was recruited to Vbizz in 2017 after establishing a successful career in the Feruni's Quality Control department. He holds a degree in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Prior to joining Vbizz, Beck was the manager of the quality control division of Feruni Ceramiche in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, until he was hired by Vbizz as a shareholder and operational director with daily jobs in 2017. He was subsequently promoted to manager of quality control for the Malaysia for Feruni. In addition to his extensive management experience, Beck is a highly skilled sales professional. He strongly believes in Vbizz's philosophy of relationship-based consultative sales and is actively involved in advancing the company's core culture of doing everything possible to add value and continually doing the right thing for our customers. Beck has been instrumental in implementing and expanding the company's training programs and refining sales processes. He considers one of his primary responsibilities to be identifying and recruiting outstanding sales professionals. He is deeply engaged on a day-to-day basis with developing and maintaining strong relationships with Vbizz's vendors. 
Vbizz Sales Engineer
Iris Wong
Sales Engineer 
Iris has just joined Vbizz. She served as Top Sales in camera's business before joining Vbizz. Iris has a good mindset and she is willing to learn things that she never experienced before. Will update more about her in the future. 
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Ant Internet
Digital Venture Partner 
Ant-Internet as our partner, is a Digital Venture Builder Company which is competitive and distinct with strong IT background integrate with Creative Design and Digital Marketing. They provide us a perfect website design that satisfied both UI and UX in a most efficient time. Well done!