Wharfedale 2x260W MP1200 Power Amplifier

Wharfedale MP1200 Series of power amplifiers are the latest addition to the expanding range of Wharfedale Professional electronics.

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Power Amplifiers MP Series
Sonic accuracy and durability are the most important features of a professional power amplifier, which have been considered in all elements of the MP1200. Each model in the MP Series uses an all all-steel chassis along with state of the art electronic components, all housed within a unique amplifier design that provides high power and clean signal reproduction in a variety of applications and loudspeaker configurations.

New FRT Circuitry
With a high slew rate across the MP Series, each amp reacts quickly to drive your loudspeakers as clearly and accurately as possible. Newly developed FRT or 'fast reaction technology' in the 's' models create an even faster low frequency response assuring the MP1200 does not miss a beat during performance.

Stereo & Bridge efficiency
The MP1200 will work efficiently in stereo and bridge modes. The amplifiers also run down to 2 Ohms safely in stereo mode which means that the amplifiers can be used for a multitude of setups. Use in bridge mode with an individual high-powered subwoofer or use a single MP1200 to power multiple speakers equally.


  • High-end power amps with optional bridged mono operation mode
  • Built in toroidal transformer
  • Rear panel ground lift switch
  • Class AB Topology
  • All steel construction
  • Continuously variable speed fan
  • Sophisticated protection circuitry including; Soft start protection relay; Thermal overload protection; Short circuit protection; Open circuit protection
  • Front controls including: Power Switch, Channel A and Channel B gain controls
  • Front panel LED indicators for Power On, Peak, Protect
  • Stereo/Bridge Mode switch on rear of unit

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Wharfedale
Watt per Side @ 8 ohm: 260W
Watt per Side @ 4 ohm: 400W
Watt per Side @ 2 ohm: 640W
Watt Bridged: 1280W
Weight: 23kg
Height: 13cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 35cm
Manufacturer Part Number: MP1200
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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