Turbosound Milan M15B 15" 2200W Powered Subwoofer (Unit)

Turbosound Milan M15B

This 15-inch, 1,100-watt speaker is perfect for live music applications, and just as appropriate for schools, churches, or even corporate A/V installations.

RM3,590.00 RM4,490.00

- Active PA speaker with 15" LF driver and 1,100W Class-D power amp
- Klark Teknik DSP optimizes your sound with dynamic equalization and intelligent limiting
- Specially-designed waveguide gives you wide, consistent coverage with natural off-axis sound
- Bass and Treble EQ controls let you fine-tune your sound
- Dual-angle pole mount socket makes it easy to position for optimum sound coverage
- Injection-molded polypropylene enclosure is strong and lightweight
- Recessed carry handle makes transport and setup easier
- Front-panel LED indicators indicate if a signal is present, when limiting is occurring, and when signal is clipping

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