TOA WM5270 Wireless Handheld Cardioid Microphone

TOA WM-5270

RM1,663.00 RM1,750.00

Type of TransmitterWM-5270 UHF Handheld
# Of Channels64
Type of Input ConnectorNot Applicable
Type of MicrophoneDynamic
Polar PatternCardioid
Interchangeable Mic HeadsNo
Frequency Response80Hz to 15kHz
Battery Type/Approx. LifeSingle AA Battery (10 Hours)
Mute SwitchOn/Off
Level ControlAudio Level and Sensitivity
Antenna TypeInternal
Dimensions (LxDiameter)9.11 x 1.71" (231.5 x 43.6mm)
Weight180 g (6.34 oz) with battery

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