TOA MT200 Matching Transformer

TOA MT-200

The MT-200 is a matching transformer for the HX-5 series speaker systems, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

RM577.00 RM607.00

Rated Input                :200 W
Primary Impedance        :100 V line -50 Ω (200 W), 83 Ω (120 W), 167 Ω (60 W)
                                       :70 V line-25 Ω (200 W), 50 Ω (100 W), 83 Ω (60 W), 167 Ω (30 W)
Secondary Impedance   :8 Ω
Water Protection        :IPX4 (the tilt angle must be within 45゜) *
Finish                        :Cover (Polypropylene)
                                       :Mounting bracket-Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimensions                :164 (W) × 141 (H) × 129 (D) mm
Weight                        :2.8 kg
Accessory                :Speaker mounting bolt (M8) with washer

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