TOA FB150W Subwoofer System


The FB-150W is a compact, indoor-use subwoofer system employing a high-power 38 cm (15") woofer. It is designed for use in conjunction with TOA's HX-7W or other full range speakers, and is particularly ideal for reproducing dynamic low-frequency sound for both permanent and temporary installations.

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Power Handling Capacity    :Continuous pink noise (200 W)
                                                   :Continuous program: 600 W
Impedance                            :8 Ω
Sensitivity                            :93 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Frequency Response            :40 - 400 Hz (-10 dB)
Speaker Component            :38 cm (15") cone-type
Input Terminal                            :Speakon NL4MP × 2 and M5 screw terminal,distance between barriers (12.2                                                        mm -0.48")
Finish                                    :Enclosure (MDF, whit, urethane paint)
                                                   :Punched net (Surface-treated steel plate, white, paint)
Dimensions                            :505 (W) × 528 (H) × 477 (D) mm (19.88" × 20.79" × 19.17")
Weight                                    :30 kg (66.14 lb)
Option                                    :Speaker rigging frame: HY-PF7W

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