TOA CS530BS 30W Music Horn Speaker


RM1,022.00 RM1,075.00

Rated Power      :30W
Rated Impedance     :330Ω (30W), 670Ω (15W), 2.7KΩ (3.75W),
             1.3kΩ (7.5W)
Sound Pressure Level     :96dB (1m, 1W)
Maximum S. P. L     :111dB
Frequency Response     :120 - 20,000 Hz (Peak -10dB)
Speaker Component     :Bass (12.7 cm (5") Coating Rubber Surround)
            :Treble (High Efficiency Tweeter)
Coverage Angle ( -6dB )
( 500Hz/1kHz/2kHz/4kHz ) :Horizontal (140° / 60° / 90° / 90°)
           :Vertical (180° / 100° / 95° / 140°)
Environmental Type    :B (outdoor applications)
Operating Temperature    :-25 ℃ to +70 ℃
Dust/Water Protection    :IP6
Speaker Mounting Method :Wall-mount
Applicable Cable    :Solid copper wire or 7-core twisted copper wire
             0.3 mm2– 3.2 mm2 (AWG 22 - 12 )
Cable Connection    :Screw terminal
Finish    :Horn and terminal cover : ABS resin, Light Grey (RAL7035  or equivalent )
                                           :Bracket (Steel with coating)
           :Screws (stainless steel)
Dimensions    :315 (W) x 215 (H) x 355.5(D) mm
Weight    :4.7 kg

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