TOA BS634T 5" 6W Passive Speaker

Net: Surface-treated steel plate, off-white (RAL 9010 or equivalent color), paint
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The BS-634 and BS-634T are wall-mount speakers matched with a supplied plug-in speaker receptacle, for easy installation. The 6W rated input BS-634/634T are 5″ (12cm) cone-type speakers. An M4 screw terminal input connector allows easy connections. The speakers are driven on a high-impedance (100V or 70V) line, with rated inputs. A selectable attenuation function is provided on the BS-634T. The speaker enclosure’s design proportions are based on the Golden Ratio (1: 1.618). A low profile blends in well with room décor. Both vertical and horizontal installations are possible.Enclosure and grille net colour is off-white.

Tech Specs

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Brand: TOA
Continuous Power: 6W
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
100V High Impedance: 1.7 kΩ (6 W)
70V High Impedance: 1.7 kΩ (3 W)
Maximum Peak SPL: 90dB
Frequency Range: 120 - 18,000 Hz
Weight: 1kg
Height: 33cm
Width: 21cm
Depth: 8cm
Manufacturer Part Number: BS634T
Country of Origin: Japan


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