Tach SS168B 12 Zones Speaker Selector

Tach SS168B

Tach SS168B 12 Zones Speaker Selector ◎ Can be extended and linked with infinite machine units, and its capacity can be enlarged unlimitedly. ◎ The relay connections are all started up by region to ensure a long service life. ◎ Has a loop circuit design to prevent crosstalk.

RM800.00 RM880.00

Tach SS168B 12 Zones Speaker Selector 


● Power Supply:AC 110V 50Hz/60Hz or DC 24V
● Input:AMP × 2
● Output:12 groups,maximum output 300W for each group
● Group Switch:Yes
● All On Switch:No
● Dimension:480mm(W) × 44mm(H) × 200mm(D)

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