Vbizz Special Deals


PROEL LT10P 10" 800W 2 Way Passive Speaker
The PROEL's LT10P is a passive 2-way loudspeaker systems that deliver high performance in a reliable and economical compact. This passive speaker with lightweight and robust material makes transferring and installing easier.
PROEL FREEPASS10USB All-In-One Portable PA Sound System
The PROEL's FREEPASS10USB is a all-in-one system that combining in an ultra-portable and convenient package which suitable live engagements for singers or small bands, education and athletic events, seminars and presentations. This portable PA system are ease to setup and use packed with features and brings amazing sound quality.
PROEL EIKON DM580 Dynamic Vocal Singing Karaoke Microphone (FREE SHIPPING)
The PROEL's EIKON DM580 is specifically tailored for on-stage performance and offers flat and wide frequency response. The cardioid polar pattern of this dynamic microphone isolates vocals from background noise on stage or in the studio so it is ideal for live and studio applications.
PROEL DMH8XL 8 Pieces Drum Instrument Microphone Set with Case
The PROEL's DMH8XL is a package of 8pcs microphone drum kit. This instrument microphone includes 1 x DM12, 4 x DM1, 3 X CM602, 4 x Microphone Holder and 1 x ABS carrying case.
MDH2B Desktop Table Mobile Phone Handphone Holder
The MDH2B is a famous audio accessories because of their good reputation. Get adapters today to makes your music experience extraordinary.
PROEL H200 Monitor Closed-Back Professional Stereo Headphone
The PROEL's H200 HEADPHONE is an audio accessories with 40 mm neodymium transducers provide an unparalleled frequency response and absolute comfort for an excellent listening experience.
PROEL EIKON C14 Professional Condenser Studio Recording Microphone
The PROEL's EIKON C14 is tailored to the highest standards, making it the perfect microphone. This condenser microphone ensures a transparent high-frequency response, resulting in a great voice range and acoustic instrument picture with the 1.1" Mylar capsule and gold-coated surface.
MINKEZ BM-USB USB Condenser Recording Live Gaming Conference Boundary Meeting Microphone
The Minkez's BM-USB is a USB boundary microphone for groups of people in zoom meetings, conferences, and podcasts. It features abroad sound pickup allows users to gain clear audio capture. It also comes with USB connections for easy monitoring with computers.
MINKEZ GM-13USB USB Condenser Recording Live Gaming Conference Gooseneck Meeting Microphone
The MINKEZ's GM-13USB is a high-quality gooseneck microphone that suitable for video and audio conferences, online teaching, and live streaming. This condenser microphone is intended to be used as a stand-alone microphone that provides maximum intelligibility in conferencing environment.
PROEL FLASH 8AV2 8" Powered Speaker
PROEL's Flash 8 AV2 is a active speaker with Celestion 8" woofers, designed for PA and general sound reinforcement applications.

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