Shure WCM16 Headset Microphone (WCM 16)

This headworn mic can be positioned farther away from the mouth, reducing breathing noises.

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  • Extra lightweight, adjustable headband stays secure and virtually disappears while being worn
  • Response comparable to finest conventional vocal microphones
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern provides maximum isolation from vocalist's own instrument and those of other performers
  • Uniform polar pattern at all frequencies for maximum gain before feedback
  • High input clipping level eliminates overload distortion
  • Cable terminates as 4-pin mini connector
  • Windscreen included
  • Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Shure
Microphone Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid
Frequency Response: 50 to 18,000 Hz
Output Impedance: 1,200 ohms
Weight: 1kg
Manufacturer Part Number: WCM16
Country of Origin: United States

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