Shure SCM820 DB25 8 Channels Digital Automatic Mixer DB25 Connectors

Shure SCM820 DB25

Designed for use in speech applications, including sound reinforcement, broadcasting and audio recording.


Key Features
- Seamless automatic mixing and reduced background noise through dynamic channel gating and attenuation
- IntelliMix modes offer five different mixer mode presets of reliable automixing styles (Classic, Smooth, Extreme, Custom or Manual) to quickly tailor the mix for a particular application.
- DB25 or logic-enabled block connector models available, each with 8 inputs
- Per channel direct outputs for use as an insert to a mixing console or recording
- Mix A and B outputs with selectable mic or line level connect to a sound reinforcement system, mixing console, or recording device.
- Individual channel control for quick adjustment of gain, limiter, EQ, and solo/mute
- LED meter rings vibrantly display real-time settings and output levels
- Browser-based control software delivers comprehensive software control, monitoring, routing and configuration
- 3rd party control system (AMX, Crestron) compatible
- Models available with Dante digital networked audio for multi-channel audio networking over Ethernet
- Dante upgrade card available for standard Ethernet models
- Dante Virtual Soundcard license included with Dante-equipped models to enable recording and playback capabilities between a computer and Danteequipped devices

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