Sennheiser MMD 845 1 BK Microphone Module Black Dynamic Super Cardioid

Sennheiser MMD 845 1 BK

Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule for Sennheiser SKM and SL Wireless Handheld Transmitters - Black


Sennheiser MMD 845 1 BK Microphone Module Black Dynamic Super Cardioid

Microphone module, dynamic, super-cardioid pattern
This microphone capsule features rich sound and high feedback rejection for an enthralling performance. It allows the vocals to cut through the mix, while rejecting ambient noise on the sides. Compatible with all hand-held transmitters from the ew G3 and 2000 series, it can be installed in seconds without tools.

Based on the e845 supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone, the MMD 845-1 cartridge from Sennheiser delivers high-performance audio and road-tested dependability at a competitive price. Able to handle high sound pressure levels and effective at rejecting feedback, this cartridge promises crisp, clean sound and high gain before feedback even on loud stages. Whether you're setting up a single live mic for a small show or using several mics onstage in a large concert hall, the MMD 845-1 is a solid choice. This cartridge is compatible with Sennheiser SKM 100/300/500 G3, SKM 2000/6000/9000, SKM D1/AVX, and SL handheld wireless transmitters.


- Based on the Sennheiser e845 microphone
- Supercardioid polar pattern — rejects noise from the rear and sides
- Dynamic type — requires no external power
- Handles high SPLs without distorting
- High gain before feedback


  • Microphone Type:Dynamic Capsule
  • Compatibility:SKM 100/300/500 G3, SKM 2000/6000/9000, SKM D1/AVX, SL Handheld DW
  • Polar Pattern:Supercardioid
  • Max SPL:154dB SPL
  • Mono/Stereo:Mono

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