Sennheiser MMD 835 1 BK Microphone Module Black Dynamic Cardioid

Sennheiser MMD 835 1 BK

Dynamic Mic Capsule for Sennheiser SKM2000 Handheld Wireless Systems


Sennheiser MMD8351BK Microphone Module Black Dynamic Cardioid

With rugged design and powerful sound, this microphone capsule is ideally suited for life on the stage and in the auditorium. Based off of the successful evolution e 800 series, this capsule is both highly versatile and dependable. Compatible with all hand-held transmitters from the ew G3 and 2000 series, it can be installed in seconds without tools.

Based on the e835 cardioid dynamic vocal microphone capsule, the MMD 835-1 from Sennheiser gives you incredible performance and dependability at an equally incredible price! Able to handle high sound pressure levels, the MMD 835-1 is also very effective at rejecting feedback. Whether you're setting up a single live mic for a small show or using several mics onstage in a large concert hall, the MMD 835-1 is a great choice! Add the MMD 835-1 to the SKM2000 wireless handheld system for premium sound.


- Cardioid
- Dynamic
- Based on popular e835 capsule

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