Rode Blimp Wind Shield and Shock Mount System

Windshield and Shockmount for Shotgun Microphones Up to 12.75" Long, with Dead Wombat Windshield, and XLR Cable Lead

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Rode Makes the Best Even Better
You work too hard to get great field recordings to trust your sound to anything but the RODE Blimp shotgun microphone windscreen and shockmount. The redesign of the Blimp brings you single-piece, thermoplastic construction that means you'll use this every day, for years, without it letting you down. The new Lyre internal suspension system is easier to use and keeps your shotgun microphone centered and stable. By hollowing out the Blimp's handle into a "skeleton" format, RODE made the whole thing over 25% lighter, so recording cleaner audio with this windscreen and shockmount combo is easy.

RODE Blimp Shotgun Microphone Windscreen and Shockmount at a Glance:

  • Perfectly redesigned for your field production rig
  • Isolating suspension you can believe in
  • Field recording convenience makes light work of long days

Perfectly redesigned for your field production rig
RODE left nothing on the table with the Blimp's redesign. The new Blimp design accommodates most shotgun microphones up to 12.75" in length including RODE's NTG-1,-2,-3, and other shotgun mics - which means you can choose the right mic for the situation. Wind isn't the only consideration RODE took where your audio quality is concerned. The attached XLR lead is comprised of professional studio-quality Mogami cable, the quietest of Neutrik's connectors, and a junction box that steps the cable size down to isolate your shotgun microphone from handling noise transferred through the cable.

Isolating suspension you can believe in
The new Lyre suspension system for your shotgun microphone gives you an acoustically superior shockmount without rubberbands to replace - these Lyres don't wear out, sag, or break and are designed to give you years of worry-free shock protection. The Lyres are self-adjustable to the girth of your microphone and thanks to their unique design, the amount of handling and cable noise is drastically minimized, never making it to your mic. The suspensions are mounted on a rail system with measurement markings that make it easy to use different mics with the Blimp and still get accurate placement time after time. And there's dampening between the rails, further isolating your recordings from unwanted wind and handling noise.

Field recording convenience makes light work of long days
Rarely in field recording situations do you get the luxury of using a microphone stand. You're either holding a boom or the mic itself, and to make that easier, RODE hollowed out the Blimp's pistol-like grip handle, making it dramatically lighter for your sunrise-to-sunset video shoots. Attach it to a microphone boom via the 3/8" threaded connector on the base and get closer to your source without ruining the shot. And since it's so much lighter, if you need the flexibility of a hand-held option in tight quarters, the weight reduction will save your arm strength for mixing down in post! For even greater flexibility and clearer sound, RODE also gives you their Dead Wombat furry windshield cover and its care kit. Your Sales Engineer and Vbizz understand how critical your audio-for-video recording is, and this is simply the best solution to get you quality, professional-sounding, field recordings.

RODE Blimp Shotgun Microphone Windscreen and Shockmount Features:

  • Greatly reduces handling and wind noise for shotgun microphones up to 12.75" long
  • Adjustable dual hoop suspension system isolates mic to reduce unwanted noise
  • New lighter-weight design makes hand- and boom-holding easier than ever
  • Mogami tail cable with Neutrik connectors for crystal clear recordings
  • Dead Wombat windshield included
  • Can be used with third party shotgun microphones

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Rode
Weight: 1kg
Height: 29cm
Width: 49cm
Depth: 13cm
Manufacturer Part Number: RODEBLIMP
Country of Origin: Australia

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