Soundcraft GB8-48 Mixer

48-channel Live FOH/Monitor Mixer with 4-band EQs on Each Channel and 8 Aux Sends
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Soundcraft GB8 48 Channels Mixer
This model is configured with 48 input channels. 48 inputs feature microphone and line level connections, an additional 4 stereo inputs are also provided. The stereo inputs (ST1 - ST4) provide L/R stereo line level inputs and 3-pin XLR microphone inputs for stereo microphone placement when capturing vocals, instruments, ambiance, etc. This console features 4 group outputs enabling routing to monitors, external recorders, etc. The GB8 series implements Soundcraft's GB30 microphone preamp and EQ, delivering the sonic quality expected of more costly consoles. 

Additional features include Soundcraft's famed matrix mixer for added routing flexibility and an integrated meter bridge, enabling accurate metering. 

48 Mono, 4 Stereo Input Channels
The GB8 series is available in a variety of frame configurations. This model features 48 mono and 2 stereo inputs

8 Subgroup Outputs
The GB8 series feature 2 group outputs for routing to external recorders, monitors, etc.

Matrix Mixer
The matrix output mixer provides added routing flexibility.

8 Auxiliary Sends
4 auxiliary sends provide plenty of routing to external effects, monitors, etc. 

Direct Outputs
All mono inputs provide direct outputs for direct routing to recorders, mixers, etc.

GB30 Microphone Preamplifiers
Soundcraft's GB30 microphone preamplifiers provide an ultra low-noise floor while maintaining high output gain.  

Integrated Meter Bridge
The GB8 series featuers an integrated LED and VU meter bridge for accurate metering of input and output level. 

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