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Shure SCM810E Mixer (SCM 810 E)

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The SHURE's SCM810E is a eight-channel automatic mixer with fast microphone selection, adjustable EQ, adjustable low-frequency roll off, and peak-responding output limiter.
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The SHURE's SCM810E mixer offers a feature set and audio quality ideal for any sound reinforcement scenario. This digital mixer has 8 Mic/Line level inputs with Block Connectors that can be removed. All inputs are balanced, and condenser microphones receive phantom power. There are 8 direct outputs (1 per input channel) enabling direct signal routing to recorders, monitors, and all input channels have low-cut filter and high-shelving EQ controls. The SCM810's automatic features provide comprehensive, hands-free operation between several microphones, in addition to the mixer's sonic quality.

  • Reliable, quick-acting, noise-free microphone selection which automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise
  • User-configurable parameters for automatic operation
  • Automatic gain adjustment as additional microphones are activated (NOMA: Number of Open Microphones Attenuator)
  • Last Mic Lock-On circuit maintains ambient sound
  • Adjustable EQ per channel: low-frequency rolloff and highfrequency shelving
  • 48 V phantom power selectable for each input
  • Active balanced microphone- and line-level inputs and linelevel output
  • Highly RF-resistant chassis and circuitry
  • Bi-color LED indication of channel activation and clipping
  • Linking capability for systems up to 400 microphones
  • Non-automatic aux-level inputs with level control
  • Front-panel headphones output with level control
  • Peak-responding output limiter with selectable thresh olds and LED indicator
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