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Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Microphone System (BLX288 PG58)

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The SHURE's BLX288/PG58 is a wireless microphone system with two PG58 Handheld Microphone Transmitters and a BLX88 Dual-channel Wireless Receiver. It is suitable for BLX voice, guitar, headset, and presentation systems with portable configurations.

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The SHURE's BLX288/PG58 is a wireless microphone system with two PG58 handheld microphone transmitters and one BLX88 dual-channel wireless receiver. The vocal-optimized PG58 microphones are suitable for both lead and background vocalists, and setup is simple. Besides that, Shure's reputation sturdy build quality ensures long-term dependability, and the sound is tuned for singing and speech. The low price of PG58 makes it ideal for providing enough voice mics for both lead and backup singers on the stage at school, church, or your rehearsal area. Even better, Shure's BLX wireless systems are extremely adaptable, with single-channel, single-channel half-rack, and dual-channel receivers, as well as vocal, guitar, headset, and lavalier options. Furthermore, the flexibility to run up to 12 compatible systems per band safeguards your investment by allowing you to start small and scale up as needed. Therefore, with the Shure BLX288PG58 dual-channel wireless system, you can conserve space in your live sound rig by employing a single receiver for both transmitters.

  • Dual wireless system for vocal performances
  • Includes 2 PG58 handheld transmitters, BLX88 dual-channel wireless receiver, power supply, AA batteries, and user guide
  • 1-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency
  • Up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band (region-dependent)
  • Up to 300' transmission radius (line of sight)
Frequency Range :
542-572 MHz
Manufacturer :
Microphone Frequency Response :
Microphone Polar Pattern :
Microphone Type :
Model :
Height (cm) :
Length (cm) :
Width (cm) :
Wireless Mic Operating Range :
300 Ft