SENNHEISER EW 112P G4 Wireless Camera Microphone System

The SENNHEISER's EW112P G4 is a wireless lavalier microphone system set consists of a SK 100 G4 wireless bodypack, a ME 2-II lavalier microphone, a EK 100 G4 portable receiver, output cables, and camera mount. It provides the highest flexibility for your outdoor shoots and field recording applications.

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The SENNHEISER's EW112P G4 camera-mount wireless lavalier microphone system offers the same reliable, versatile control, and broadcast-quality sound that has established the EW Series an industry standard for videographers, journalists, and content creators all over the world. This wireless microphone equips you with the capabilities you need to adapt to and overcome the wireless issues that arise on set. The transmitter's adjustable input sensitivity accommodates mic levels ranging from thunderous voices to quiet conversation, and even line-level audio, while the frequency scan function automatically searches for the cleanest frequency at your location. The ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier mic, a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver are all included in the system. It connects to a camcorder or DSLR/mirrorless camera to record crisp-sounding speech or dialogue for a variety of projects, including documentaries, wedding videos, corporate ads, and hands-free interviews.

  • Rugged all-in-one wireless system with high flexibility for broadcast quality sound
  • Excellent sound and construction quality
  • Easy to use and fast setup time
  • Powerful and reliable wireless transmission
  • Range: up to 100 meters / 330 feet
  • Up to 8 hours of operation time
Frequency Range :
516-558 MHz (A Band)
Manufacturer :
Microphone Frequency Response :
Microphone Polar Pattern :
Omni Directional
Microphone Type :
Model :
Wireless Microphone Digital An :
Wireless Mic Operating Range :
330 Ft. Line-Of-Sight