JBL Pro Audio Package 06

The JBL's PRO AUDIO PACKAGE 06 comes with a Crown XLi1500 power amplifier, two JBL Control 25 200W speaker, and a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX analog mixer.

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The JBL's PRO AUDIO PACKAGE 06 is an audio package that includes a Crown XLi1500 power amplifier, two JBL Control 25 200W speaker, and a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX analog mixer.

CROWN XLi1500 Power Amplifier

The CROWN's XLi1500 is an amplifier that it represent in a new era of affordable, high-quality power amplification. It is best suited for musicians, DJs, and entertainers, as well as churches, discos, and pubs. RCA and XLR inputs, input sensitivity of 0.755V or 1.4V, Speakon® and binding post outputs, stereo/parallel/bridge-mono mode, power/fault/signal presence/clip indicators, forced-air cooling, and protection against shorts, no-load, on/off thumps, and radio-frequency interference are among the features. Crown is the industry standard in amplifier technology, with over six decades of experience designing and manufacturing rock-solid products. So take a look at the low-cost Crown XLI Series.

JBL CONTROL 25 200W Speaker

The JBL's CONTROL 25 is a two-way 5.25" indoor/outdoor monitors with weather-protected electronics, natural and powerful frequency representations, black enclosures, and JBL's patented InvisiBall mounting gear. This device has a secret access port beneath its logo badge that allows you to add the speakers. This powered speaker has a built-in multi-tap transformer for operation on dispersed speaker lines and can handle 200W of programmed material at 8 Ohms. You can blast these speakers rather loudly, too, with an SPL of 110 dB, and its cone design offers a pleasant listening experience in both on- and off-axis settings. Their PEI diaphragms also produce a smooth high-frequency response.

Soundcraft Notepad 8FX Analog Mixer

Soundcraft's Notepad-8FX is a small-format, 8-channel analogue mixing console with an integrated 2x2 USB audio interface and built-in Lexicon effects that's ideal for music creation, podcasting, video production, interviews, rehearsals, writing sessions, and mobile events. Two microphone preamps with combo XLR-1/4" inputs, 3-band EQ, and 100 Hz high-pass filters are among the mixer's professional-grade analogue components. Input 1 also has a Hi-Z instrument input, which can be used to play guitars and other high-impedance instruments.

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