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FOCUSRITE SCARLETT SOLO (3rd Generation) 2x2 USB Interface

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You’ve found the simplest USB audio interface we make. If you want to start creating studio quality recordings with your guitar, the 3rd Generation Scarlett Solo provides an easy way in.
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With Focusrite's Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, making music is a breeze! The Scarlett Solo features the acclaimed Focusrite preamp as well as a crystal-clear DI for your guitar, bass, or keys, making it ideal for singer-songwriters. The headphone connector, Direct Monitor button, and wide volume dial make monitoring a snap, while Focusrite's unique gain halos make it easy to regulate your settings. Focusrite has not only raised the bar with vanishingly low latency, 192kHz sample rates, an optimised preamp gain structure, and an instrument input that can handle scorching hot pickups for this third-generation Scarlett Solo, but they've also included the acclaimed Air circuit, which models their legendary ISA console transformer to give your voice and instrument recordings a brighter, more open sound. This audio accessory provides professional-quality sound at an affordable price. Simply plug it in and run the included software to get started.


  • High-performance 24-bit/192kHz converters
  • Upgraded 3rd-generation Scarlett mic preamp
  • Switchable Air mode gives your recordings a brighter, more open sound
  • High-headroom instrument input for bass, guitar, or synths
  • Unique, intuitive halo level indicators for optimized gain staging
  • Super-low latency lets you monitor with native plug-in effects in real time
  • Direct Monitor circuit for monitoring your input with guaranteed low-latency
  • Balanced TRS L/R monitor outputs with level control
  • Headphone output with independent level control
  • Quick Start tool gets you up and running fast
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