Emix EMAC8020 6 Duty 1 Standby Automatic Changeover

Emix's EMAC8020 6 Duty 1 Standby Automatic Changeover, in operation, a maximum of six units of duty amplifiers, plus one standby amplifier are connected to its switching networks. Featuring built-in microchip controller and 2x16 character LCD for display device status, messages, and signal level.

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The public address system EMAC-8020 from EMIX is a 6-duty/1-standby amplifier switch. In operation, its switching networks can support up to six duty amplifiers plus one standby amplifier. This device detects sound failures on these amplifiers using cutting-edge technology, the ADSDT analyzer which is an analogue to digital signal down time.

As a result, no pilot tone (20kHz) is required, preventing amplifier overheating caused by a high level pilot tone. When a sound failure is detected in any of the duty amplifiers, the standby unit takes over the operation automatically. If more than one duty amplifier fails, standby will be assigned to the duty amplifier with the highest priority.

There is a manual override option that allows the user to select backup in any order. By cascading four EMAC-8020 units via the built-in RJ-45 digital ports, the system can be easily expanded to 24-duty/1-standby.


  • Up to 24 duty amplifiers can be added with 1 standby amplifier (4 units of EMAC-8020)
  • The first channel of the first unit EMAC-8020 will be given the highest priority
  • Built-in microchip controller and 2x16 character LCD for display device status, messages, and signal level
  • Selectable Auto or Manual mode
  • Signal detection to disable the inactive channel
  • Buzzer warning when amplifier failure detected
  • No Pilot Tone required for signal detection
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