Electro Voice ETX15SP 15" 1800W Powered Subwoofer

The Electro-Voice's ETX-15SP is a powered speaker that contain the power, intelligent technology and sound. It features with built-in handles and removable casters, Cardioid Control Technology and also QuickSmartDSP for system optimization.

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Electro Voice's ETX-15SP 15" 1800W Powered Speaker is a portable powered Class-D subwoofer with a peak SPL of 134dB and up to 1800 watts of output power. It contains an adjustable low-pass filter with settings for 80, 100, 120, and 150 Hz. FIR-Drive DSP is included into the subwoofer, with a setting for accurate cardioid output across its frequency. Its combo pole cup accepts both insert and threaded inputs, making it compatible with a wide range of loudspeakers. For easy transportation, there are four removable casters provided along with the speaker.

  • 1,800W Class D amplifier and 15" woofer
  • Maximum SPL of 134dB for earth-shattering output
  • Cardioid Control Technology greatly reduce stage noise
  • FIR-Drive uses DSP to optimize transducer linearity
  • XLR/TRS combo inputs accommodate just about anything
  • QuickSmartDSP provides effective system optimization with presets for your application and location
  • Blower-controlled thermal management allows you to work in hot environments
  • Insert and threaded pole cup for simple speaker installation
  • Built-in handles and removable casters for easy transportation
  • Rugged, road-ready construction

High-Sensitivity, Low-Distortion Transducer Design

Electro Voice focuses on designing transducers with linear frequency response in order to reduce the need for additional equalisation. Faraday rings are used in all the ETX woofers to enhance vocal reproduction. The woofers not only have a high power handling capacity, but also a sturdy mechanical design that ensures long-term reliability

Components and Testing

Electro-Voice produces all ETX components from the ground up. There are no off-the-shelf components being used. The handles, pole cups, and amplifier chassis are made of die-cast aluminium rather than plastic. ETX uses 18mm, 13-ply birch plywood with EVCoat across the whole product line.  All models must pass EV's proprietary 1,000-hour torture test, which uses real-world signals driven beyond full output in addition to industry-standard pink noise abuse tests.

Processing and Control

System DSP presets support quick and easy setup by choosing the type of use, crossover frequency, and top / sub combination. The DSP presets also including the "true cardioid" configurations. ETX uses the same proprietary PAL and TEMP limiters developed for Electro Voice concert speakers. By having a border correction filter included, the sound of ETX speakers will be the same whether  used as a floor monitor, on a tripod, or hung from the ceiling. ETX provides user-adjustable features such as delays of up to hundreds of feet, 3-band parametric equalization, polarity, and multiple high-pass crossover points. The Class D design of the amplifier is designed for efficiency and features fan-controlled thermal management that allows it to operate in high temperature environments. The fan is designed to be quiet  and will not turn on under normal circumstances. Lockdown mode prevents casual users from changing settings

LCD Interface

Complete full-function DSP control via a single-knob interface. LCD screen for easy and simple system set-up and monitoring such as  location/application EQ presets, limiter status, input level controls/meters and master volume control to ensure optimal gain structure.

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8 Ohm
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Electro Voice
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