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DPA 2011C Instrument Microphone

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DPA's 2011C is a Compact Twin-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Modular Design. It also features in delivering fast transient response, outstanding SPL handling and superb frequency response.
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The DPA's 2011C is a condenser microphpne with exceptional clarity, richness, and dynamic range. It is designed for the stage, with excellent separation and gain-to-feedback performance. You'll also get quick transient response, excellent SPL handling, and excellent frequency response. The modular design of the 2011C allows you to swap out its capsule or preamp for other d:dictate or d:facto components.

The MMC2011 capsule achieves a tremendously balanced sound by combining the acclaimed sound quality of DPA's d:dictate mics with the convenience of their d:screet and d:fine series. The MMC2011, which combines two opposite-facing miniature capsules into a single unit, combines the benefits of small capsules with the lower inherent noise of larger diaphragms. This microphone capsule provides excellent transient and frequency response, along with impressive SPL handling.

The MMP-C compact preamp has active drive for impedance balancing and a slightly softer character than the other DPA d:dictate series preamps. It gives the DPA 2011C incredible clarity, richness, and dynamic range which significantly improve over miniature FET preamps.

DPA's versatile d:dictate series features the 2011C. This series allows you to mix and match capsules and preamps to achieve the desired sound and performance. It may have seemed complicated, but i n fact, at Vbizz, we've discovered that these mics are incredibly simple to set up. Consider the possibility of effortlessly transforming your microphone into a completely different configuration. There are no tools required!


  • Compact cardioid condenser microphone with MMC2011 capsule and MMP-C preamp
  • Includes 2 opposite-facing miniature capsules rolled into a single unit
  • Yields impressive clarity, richness, and dynamic range
  • Delivers fast transient response, outstanding SPL handling, and superb frequency response
  • Exhibits excellent separation and stellar gain-to-feedback performance
  • Features active drive for impedance balancing
  • Modular design allows you to swap out its capsule or preamp for other d:dictate or d:facto components


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