DBX ZonePRO640 Digital Zone Processor

Zone Processor with Six Inputs and Four Outputs, Computer Controllable via GUI, Wizard Fuction, and Two DSP Insert Blocks Per Channel
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Optimize Your PA's Sound!
With six inputs and four outputs, the ZonePRO 640 offers the state-of-the-art signal processing you need for a premium PA installation. To access its deepest functions, the entire system can be controlled by a computer via the GUI protocol, while the "Wizard" function offers streamlined and easy setup for any user - making the ZonePRO 640 great for use in houses of worship, and corporate installations, as well as in clubs, theaters, and other large performance spaces and conference halls. With per-channel EQ, as well as access to a host of DSP features on the mic/line inputs, the ZonePRO 640 delivers top-notch sound.

ZonePRO 640 at a Glance:

  • Can be controlled via computer
  • Fully-featured for premium sound

Can be controlled via computer
The ZonePRO 640 can be controlled by a computer, for easy and fast access to its deepest functions. Plus, it boasts a "Wizard" function so anyone - with any experience level - can comfortably optimize the unit to its complete potential.

Fully-featured for premium sound
The philosophy behind the ZonePro 640 is to "provide everything you need between the sources and the amplifiers," - and that's exactly what it does. Each input channel offers EQ, while the mic/line inputs also boast two DSP insert blocks where you can select Compression, Notch Filtering, Auto Gain Control, Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFSTM), Gating, and De-Essing for the ultimate sound. Plus, each output zone provides a routing matrix where you can choose each of the inputs as the main source or primary source. Paging can also be done from the mic/line inputs, where you have full ducking capability with both paging and priority override. On the outputs, you have Autowarmth, full Bandpass and Crossover filtering, as well as a Parametric EQ, selectable Dynamics module, and output Delay.

ZonePRO 640 Features:

  • Six Inputs, Four Outputs
  • Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS)
  • Autowarmth
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Noise Gating
  • Notch Filtering
  • Bandpass and Crossover Filters
  • Parametric EQ
  • Security Lockout
  • Wall Panel Control
  • RS-232 Control
  • Two mic/line inputs on Euroblock connectors
  • Four line inputs on mono-summing dual RCA jacks
  • Outputs are on Euroblock connectors
  • Paging can be done from the mic/line inputs
  • Paging and priority override offer full Ducking capability
  • Windows 2000 and XP GUI
  • IEC, UL, and CS Approvals

The ZonePRO 640 is a fully-featured signal processor!

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