Dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller

DBX's PMC16 is a 16-channel Personal Monitor Mixer with LCD Display, Lexicon Reverb, Stereo Outputs, and Dual Headphone Outputs. It features with built-in mic stand mount and designed to use with TR1616 or any other BLU link compatible device.

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DBX's PMC16 is a compact digital mixer that gives you control over 16 channels, so you can dial in your perfect monitor mix. Level, panning, effect send level, muting, and soloing are all available on each channel of the PMC16. A global EQ and master volume allow you to fine-tune the mix. You also get a high-quality Lexicon reverb onboard. The dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller can be used with in-ear monitors, a wedge, or powered monitors.

Dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller can Control every aspect of your monitor mix and is flexible to use onstage and in the studio along with easy use LCD display. The dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller is a powerful and flexible mixing solution. With 16 audio channels, you can put the entire band on the PMC16 and tailor the sound to your liking, so no more complaining about the sound because you can take care of it yourself. Each channel has controls for level, pan, mute, solo, and reverb send, allowing you to dial in the sound you need to play your best. A global master volume, 2-band EQ, and reverb level allow you to fine-tune your mix. The dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller, designed to work with the dbx TR1616 audio interface, gives you complete control over your mix.

The PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller was designed to be a versatile mixer for the use of both onstage and in the studio. You can use studio headphones or in-ear monitors with the dual headphone jacks (1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8") or  send your mix signal to a powered monitor or an amplifier that feeds a traditional wedge monitor via a pair of stereo outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4"). Having a built-in mic stand mount allows you to position the monitor controller at the ideal height. Regardless of the situation, the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller is ready for your next gig.

The LCD display built into the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller eliminates the need to guess how the channels are configured. The PMC16 allows you to see how each channel is configured so that you can easily change your values. It also provides real-time metering of all your channels, allowing you to identify which ones are causing issues. Take the guessing out of mixing with the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller's LCD display.


  • 16-channel personal monitor mixer
  • Controls include level, pan, mute, solo, and reverb send
  • Bright LCD screen with 16-channel metering
  • Lush reverb with built-in Lexicon reverbs
  • dbx PeakStop limiting prevents signal overload
  • Dual headphone jack and stereo outputs
  • Supports 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates
  • Built-in mic stand mount
  • Designed for use with dbx TR1616 or any other BLU link compatible device


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