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Crown XLC2800 2x440W Power Amplifier

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CROWN's XLC2800 is a 2-Channel, 775W At 4 Ohm Cinema Power Amplifier. It features with compact, powerful and cost-effective for XLC2800 along with easy installation and extra ordinary sound quality,
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The CROWN's XLC2800 is an amplifier that  features their proprietary DriveCoreTM Technology, which substantially reduces the size of the amplifiers while generating a much more energy efficient operation without loss of performance. The XLC Series, which is compact, powerful, and cost-effective, provides easy installation, extraordinary sound quality, and the unfaltering reliability that is inherent in every Crown product. This amplifier is a powerful and fairly priced option for the cinema and installation markets.

Crown's XLC Series amplifiers are ideal for small layout cinema applications. To create the entire package, XLC collaborates with the CXM2000 Monitor/Crossover System and JBL Cinema speakers.

The XLC Series provides powerful and cost-effective options for small to medium-sized install applications which require only low impedance. Contractors can only purchase these amplifiers through Harman's Install Dealer Network.

  • 800W per channel at 4-ohms
  • Monitors, fault detection and crossover function of XLC Amplifier are compatible with CXM2000
  • Crown MonitorSystem DSi-8M is compatible with XLC Amplifiers for monitoring.
  • Power for 2-ohm, 4-ohm, and 8-ohm outputs, with stereo and bridge outputs supported.
  • Parallel connection of cinema surround speakers is supported.
  • Indicators provide precise diagnosis for POWER, SIGNAL, CLIP, AND FAULT
  • Volume control on rear panel of amplifiers
  • High performance, light weight
  • DriveCore based amplifier – weighs less than 14lbs (6 kgs)
  • Minimal control on the front panel; amplifier block connectors and controls are located on the back of the amplifiers.
  • High performance lightweight DriveCore-based amplifier is for audiophile with high quality and high reliability
  • Input operation can be configured for stereo, parallel, and bridge modes.
  • Stereo and bridge output modes have user-configurable output operations.
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