BOSE FREESPACE IZA 2120 HZ 240W Mixer Amplifier

The BOSE's FREESPACE IZA 2120 HZ is a 240W mixer amplifier delivers basic amplification and sound system expansion, ideal for use at conference spaces, retail stores, hotels, lobbies, bars, and restaurants.

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The BOSE's FREESPACE IZA 2120HZ is an integrated 2-zone amplifier for background/foreground music and paging well suited for business music applications. It features selectable loudspeaker EQ enhances audio quality, while Opti-voice paging provides clear speech intelligibility and seamless transitions, and Dynamic EQ ensures full and balanced music at any volume level. The FreeSpace IZA 2120-HZ also comes with a regular IEC power cord and multiple Euroblock connections.

  • Opti-voice® paging equalizes the vocal frequency range for clear speech intelligibility while providing seamless transitions
  • Dynamic EQ ensures full and balanced music at any volume level
  • Independent Loudspeaker EQ per output enriches audio quality and simplifies connection to Bose® loudspeakers: FreeSpace® 3 systems, FS3 subwoofer, DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100
  • Dual remotes support optional volume/source selection for independent, or combined, zone control which eliminates the need for bulky, inefficient, and sound-altering 70/100V in-line volume controls
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