BOSE FREESPACE DS 100SE 5.25" 100W Passive Speaker - White

The BOSE's FREESPACE DS 100SE is a 100W passive speaker with a two 2.25" (57 mm) full-range driver and a single 5.25" (133 mm) woofer in a ported enclosure designed for outdoor surface mounting in background music and paging applications.

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The BOSE's FREESPACE DS 100SE is a outdoor full-range surface-mount loudspeakers with exceptional performance for background music and speech reproduction in a variety of installation applications. This public address system has a wide coverage pattern of 180° x 75° with a frequency response of 60 Hz, and two 2.25" (57 mm) full-range drivers and a single 5.25" (133 mm) woofer in a ported enclosure. Horizontal and vertical alignment is possible with adjustable pitch or yaw with the mounting hardware. An integrated multi-tap transformer is incorporated, featuring an ingenious thumb wheel adjustment for quick tap changes from behind the front end cap.

  • Proprietary Articulated Array® speaker configuration provides 180° H x 75° V coverage out of the box when the loudspeaker is mounted horizontally. Array can be rotated for horizontal or vertical use
  • Simple 1->2->3 installation system. Mounting hardware allows for horizontal and vertical orientation with adjustable pitch or yaw
  • Integrated multi-tap transformer with innovative thumb wheel adjustment for easy-to-change tap settings from under front end cap
  • Shared voicing across entire FreeSpace DS product family enables DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100 loudspeakers to be integrated on the same system and maintain consistent tonal quality
  • Supported by a suite of accessories, including wall-mount bracket, ceiling-mount bracket, pole-mount bracket and junction boxes
Attr 100V High Impedance :
25 W/ 50 W/ 100 W
Attr 70V High Impedance :
12.5 W/ 25 W/ 50 W/ 100 W
Continuous Power :
Dust Water Protection IP :
Frequency Range :
60 Hz - 20 KHz
Impedance :
8 Ohm
Manufacturer :
Maximum Peak SPL :
Model :
Height (cm) :
Length (cm) :
Width (cm) :