Behringer P16D 16 Channel Digital ULTRANET Distributor (P16-D)

BEHRINGER's P16-D is a signal processor with 16 channels Digital Stereo Monitor Distribution Module. It features distribution Hub for P16-I for system expansion.

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If you need to add  channels to your BEHRINGER's P16 system, the P16-D distribution module is a quick and easy signal processor to add eight  P16M personal monitors to ensure everyone has the monitor mix they need. is. The P16 system is all digital, offering great sound and incredible flexibility. The Behringer Powerplay P16D Delivery Module is one of the coolest and most practical expansion solutions on the market. You can also send 16 audio channels with a single cable to power the P16M monitor unit. No additional power cable is required. The  compact size of the P16D saves space, and the CAT5e connection allows you to route long cables and daisy-chain up to 48 P16M monitors without sacrificing audio quality. Get the most out of your monitor setup with the Behringer P16D distribution module.


  • Distribution Hub for P16-I for system expansion
  • 1 ULTRANET input feeds 8 ULTRANET outputs (RJ-45)
  • Provides bus-power and 16-channel signal transmission for all 8 outputs
  • Up to six P16-D ULTRANET Distributors can be combined for a total of forty-eight P16-M Personal Mixers
  • Status LED indicators for RJ-45 input and 8 RJ-45 outputs
  • Internal autorange power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
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