AVER VC520 PRO Professional Video Conferencing System for Mid-to-large Rooms (VC520PRO)

The VC520 Pro is equipped with a 12X optical zoom and daisy-chain speakerphone that deliver a lifelike audiovisual experience. With 1080p HD quality, Sony True WDR, and IP-based management features, the VC520 Pro is the professional conferencing system your enterprise needs.

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The AVer VC520 PRO Expansion Speakerphone is designed to increase the microphone pickup range and audio coverage of the VC520 PRO Video Conferencing System. This conference system features a strong speaker and a mic that takes up voice inside 360° at up to 15', allowing you configuration versatility in conference rooms and classrooms independent of room design or seating arrangements.

You may daisy-chain this Expansion Speakerphone to the speakerphone that comes with the VC520 PRO video conferencing system to achieve a 30' voice-pickup radius and avoid crowding around one speakerphone. You may daisy link a second Expansion Speakerphone for a total of three speakerphones and a 45' voice-pickup radius in larger venues.

All units in the chain have full speakerphone control, including mute/unmute, volume up/down, call answer, and call hang-up. There's a 33-foot Cat 6 speakerphone cable included.

Key Features

  • For VC520 PRO Video Conferencing System
  • Increase Voice Pickup Range up to 30'
  • Maximize Audio Coverage, 6W Speaker
  • Full Speakerphone Controls Available
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User Guide
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Quick Guide
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