Audiocenter TS10 10" 1200W Powered Speaker

2-way XLR powered </span>DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker.
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TS10 is an active DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker. It is suitable for touring and fixed installation requires clean and clear sound such as multi-functional meeting room, lecture hall, conference center, house of worship, museum, speech, etc.

The HF driver of TS10 is customized BEYMA driver with composite membrane (1.75" voice coil), and the LF driver is customized FAITAL 10" driver (1.46" voice coil).

5 presets (AC, Linear, Boost, Vocal, W/SUB) are available for the users choosing via buttons on the back panel according to their needs. All the connectors are also on the back panel.

There is integrated input interface for 2-way XLR or Mono jack 6.35 in TS10. CHA can parallel input signal from microphone and circuit by switcher. Besides, there is a RCA port for connecting MP3, CD player, etc. The three different audio sources can be parallel output with one-way XLR after internal mixing, and then transmit the signal to different speakers for cascading distribution of signal.

TS10 speaker is symmetric woody design. The 45° slope and CNC made cabinet are fashionable and elegant. The color of the cabinet can be customized. On the top of the cabinet, there is a customized aluminum ergonomic handle, and it can be installed with U bracket or three-feet sustain frame directly. The rubber mat at the bottom is against sliding.

TS10 can be either installed in lateral or vertical plane by using vertical U bracket, horizontal U bracket or single-point bracket. Also, it can be ground standing by coupling bar or three-feet sustain frame. The accessories for TS10 can match the needs of different installation environments.

  • DSP signal control with 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
  • 5 presets to meet different requirements
  • Class D digital amplifier from PASCAL and switch mode power supply technology
  • Optional standby time (2mins/5mins/15mins/off) if without signal input
  • Customized driver from BEYMA and FAITAL 
  • HF horn design with DMF composite materials, coverage angle 90° rotatable
  • Advanced natural cooling system
  • Optimized, compact, multi-functional cabinet design and comprehensive accessories for convenience and flexibility
  • CNC made cabinet of excellent wood
  • Ergonomic handle for convenient transport and easy installation
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8 Ohm
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