Aten VM8514 4 Port HDBaseT Output Board

The VM8514 4-Port HDBaseT Output Board offers an easy way route 4 HDBaseT transmitters to 4 HDBaseT receivers, and in combination with the ATEN Modular Matrix Switches to provide the ability of routing up to 32 input and 32 output HDBaseT connections.

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The ATEN VM8514 4-Port HDBaseT Output Board makes it simple to connect four HDBaseT transmitters to four HDBaseT receivers, and this visual accessory may be used in conjunction with ATEN Modular Matrix Switches to route up to 32 input and output HDBaseT connections. Seamless SwitchTM technology and video wall capability are available when the VM8514 HDBaseT Output Board is used in conjunction with the VE805R HDBaseT receiver. With a built-in scaler that manages varied video resolutions across different screens and video wall capabilities that allow you to define up to 32 profiles for bespoke layouts via the point-and-click online GUI, ATEN's Seamless SwitchTM technology provides video switching in real-time.


  • 4-port HDBaseT Output Board that is compatible with the VM1600/VM3200 and can be mixed with modular I/O boards of any type for optimum flexibility
  • Bi-directional RS-232 channel – allows you to connect to serial terminals or serial devices, such as touch screens and barcode scanners
  • HDBaseT Connectivity – extends 4 HDBaseT connections up to 100 meters via single Cat 5e/6 cable
  • HDBaseT Anti-jamming – resists signal interference during video transmission using HDBaseT technology
  • Connected to VE805R:
    • Seamless Switch™ – features close-to-zero-second switching, continuous video streams, real-time switching and stable signal transmissions
    • Video Wall – features configurable video wall profiles for custom layouts via point-n-click web GUI
  • Bi-directional IR channel – IR transmission is processed one direction at a time
  • Hot-swappable design for easy integration of I/O boards
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