Aten VM7404 4 Port 3G SDI Input Board

The VM7404 4-Port 3G-SDI Input Board offers an easy way to route any 4 SDI video and audio sources to multiple displays when used in combination with an ATEN Modular Matrix Switch.

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When used in conjunction with an ATEN Modular Matrix Switch, the VM7404 4-Port 3G-SDI Input Board makes this visual accessory simple to route any 4 SDI video and audio inputs to multiple screens. This SDI input board supports high-quality video resolutions up to 1080p At 60 Hz and can connect to SDI sources such as 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI. Separate analogue stereo audio channels can also be routed independently on the VM7404. The board is also hot-swappable, allowing the ATEN Modular Matrix Switch to remain operational while the board is being replaced. The VM7404 allows you to effectively centralise routing for all your 3G / HD / SD-SDI devices, making it ideal for surveillance systems and a variety of other broadcast-grade A/V applications.


  • Connects up to 4 SDI inputs
  • Supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats
  • Hot-swappable design for easy integration of I/O boards
  • Compatible with the VM1600 - mix and match modular I/O boards for optimal fl exibility
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