Aten VM3404H 4x4 HDMI HDBaseT Matrix Switch

ATEN has released the new VM3404H HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch. The switch extends uncompressed 4K / Full HD digital video, audio, IR and power via HDBaseT technology through a single Cat 6a cable up to 40/70 meters.

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ATEN has released the new VM3404H HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch in response to the rapid advancement of HDBaseT technology. The switch uses HDBaseT technology to extend uncompressed 4K / Full HD digital video, audio, IR, and power up to 40/70 metres via a single Cat 6a cable.

This visual accessory offers both ATEN Seamless SwitchTM technology and Video Wall capabilities when used with VE805R receivers. To enable continuous video streaming, real-time control, and steady signal transfer across all sources, ATEN's proprietary Seamless SwitchTM technology uses an FPGA graphics processor. Through an easy-to-use online interface, the Video Wall capability allows you to establish 8 video wall profiles for bespoke screen configurations. The Power over HDBaseT (POH) feature is a clever way to power the VE802R receivers using only the Cat 5e connection, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

The VM3404H provides dependable signal delivery via front-panel pushbuttons, IR, RS-232, and Ethernet (Telnet / Web GUI) connections, allowing for greater versatility. It's intended to be used in home, business, and conference centre settings as a functional and integrated control system.


  • Supports 4 HDMI inputs and mirrored 4 HDMI and HDBaseT outputs
  • The mirrored HDMI outputs can be used to verify the corresponding HDBaseT output or as an additional video display*
  • HDBaseT Connectivity – connects HDMI displays over a long distance via one Cat 5e/6/6a cable
  • HDBaseT Anti-jamming – resists signal interference during high-quality video transmission
  • Power over HDBaseT (POH) – supplies power over a long distance from the switch to a receiver over a single Cat 5e/6/6a cable** / ***
  • Seamless Switch™ Technology – ATEN FPGA engine unifies video formats to provide continuous video streams, real-time switching and stable signal transmissions**
  • Video Wall - allows you to create custom video wall layouts via intuitive web GUI**
  • EDID Expert™ – selects optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display and use of the best video resolution across different screens
  • Multiple Control Methods – system management via front-panel pushbuttons, IR, RS-232 and Ethernet (Telnet / Web GUI) connections
  • Bi-directional IR channel ports support full frequency IR signals from 30 KHz to 60 KHz
  • Supports ATEN's LockPro™ HDMI cable lock for securing HDMI cables to the device
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Rack Mountable (VM3404H: 1U Design)
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