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ALTO Zephyr ZMX52 Mixer

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The ALTO Zephyr ZMX52 Mixer is a good quality, small console for solo or duo acts, or multimedia source mixing.
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For solo gigs and multimedia studios, the ALTO ZEPHYR ZMX52 is a 5-channel mixer with all the necessary inputs, outputs, and EQ. One mono channel with a microphone input (with Phantom Power), balanced TRS input, and a two-band EQ is included. There are additionally two stereo channels, each with two balanced TRS inputs. For purposes like music playback, there are even two-track inputs. The ZMX52 is the ideal compact professional mixer for on-the-go use. The ZMX52 is the ideal analog mixer for quick and painless settings. You can use the first channel to plug in dynamic, condenser, and cordless microphones, as well as two stereo channel inputs for keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments.

  • Six total inputs with a phantom powered XLR jack on channel 1
  • 1/4” Main, Tape, Headphone & Aux outputs for flexible signal routing
  • Perfect for musicians looking for a compact, capable mixer
  • Mic input channel with gold plated XLR and balanced line input
  • Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jack
  • High headroom circuitry offering extra dynamic range
  • Ultra-low-noise discrete mic preamp with Phantom power
  • Balanced inputs for highest signal integrity and low-noise operation
  • Warm, natural two-band EQ on mono channel
  • 2-Track inputs w/assignable bus: main mix or headphone out
  • Highly accurate four-segment bar graph meters
  • Aux inputs/outputs for external audio source integration
  • Peak LEDs on each channel
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