Peavey PV35XO Crossover

Crossover with 2-or 3-way Stereo Modes or 4-or 5-way Mono Operation

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Peavey PV 35XO Features:

  • Stereo operation in 2-way or 3-way modes
  • Mono operation in 4-way or 5-way mode
  • XLR (balanced input and outputs on each channel, Phase inversion switch on each band-pass output (except low sum)
  • Low sum output jack to sum the low frequency, stereo content

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Peavey
Total Inputs: 2
Total Outputs: 6
Weight: 2kg
Height: 5cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 19cm
Manufacturer Part Number: PV35XO
Country of Origin: United States


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