Mipro ACT312 ACT30T 2 Channel Lavalier Wireless System

Mipro ACT312 ACT30T

RM2,890.00 RM3,400.00

Mipro ACT312 ACT30T 2 Channel Lavalier Wireless System
2-channel receiver in 1/2U metal chassis, 2 beltpack transmitters with 2 cardioid condenser lavaliere microphones.

The innovative ACT 3 Series wireless microphone systems are a culmination of years of extensive design and manufacturing experience. No wiring and adjustment required as PCBLCD and front panel are integrated. Featuring 1/2U receivers of single-channel ACT-311 & dual-channel ACT-312 and 1Ureceivers of single-channel ACT300.

EIA standard 19" rack-mountable metal chassis is used instead of cheap plastics. Featuring backlit LCD instead LED display for ease of use and professional appearance. PLL-synthesized technology for RF stability and matched with rugged ACT-30H & ACT-30T transmitters.

Design and made in Taiwan. Advanced features and functions make it ideal for professional applications with affordable prices.


  • EIA standard 1/2U metal receiver.
  • Receiver provides bias for booster where MIPRO antenna systems can be added for extended receiving range and stability.
  • Backlit LCD displays group, channelfrequencyRF levelantenna selection, AF levelbattery level indicator, interference warning indicator, and panel lock indicator.
  • A lit green light indicates a working mode when receiver detects an incoming signal or buttons touched. Light dims automatically when receiver is idle for about 10 seconds.
  • Balanced XLR / unbalanced 1/4 " audio output jack, output level switch and DC input are on the rear panel. One mixed-output switch is available for dual-channel receivers.
  • High efficiency and low spurious PLL circuitry with Auto Scan functioin. Each receiver is presets with 11 groups, Groups 1~6, 7~10 have 8 &16 compatible channels respectively. Up to 8 channels in group 11 can be saved and recalled within 961 user-defined frequencies. A total of 112 preset channels per band.
  • World's first ACT function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.
  • Advanced diversity technology for optimum reception range and reduces signal dropouts and the "PiloTone & NoiseLock" dual-squelch circuits prevent noiseinterference.
  • Adjustable 'SQ' for higher sensitivity to increase receiving distance and lower sensitivity to reduce interference.
  • Industry's only RF interference warning indicator for ideal SQ level adjustment.
  • DC input socket accepts 12~15V power supply.
  • Matching ACT-30H handheld and ACT-30T bodypack transmitters.
  • Sturdy ABS housing. LCD screen. ACT sync. 24Mhz band.
  • Extremely rugged, ergonomically designed housing.
  • The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling, pop noise and ensures sound clarity.
  • The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille for condenser capsules and round top for dynamic capsules protect the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise. The upper grille is able to be detached easily for cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • Premium true condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.
  • Proprietary lockable silent on/off switch to avoid accidental power-off during performance.
  • Impact-resistant battery compartment holds 2 AA batteries.
  • Interchangeable colored rings for microphone channel identification on stage.
  • LCD displays group, channelbattery level & error message codes.
  • Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability. Patented "Built-in" antenna design.
  • Worlds first ACT function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.


  • ACT-312 Dual-Channel Diversity Receiver
  • 2 x ACT-30T Bodypack Transmitters
  • 2 x Cardioid Lavalier Microphones

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