Mipro ACT 8H Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone

Mipro ACT 8H

RM3,300.00 RM4,500.00

Mipro ACT 8H Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone

ACT-8H is a UHF transmitter microphone compatible with digital ACT-82 receiver
-Durable, magnesium alloy construction with comfortable ergonomic design.  
-128-bit audio encryption for high-security applications.  
-Anti-pop and anti-roll cardioid microphone capsule module (omni-version also available), with extremely low handling noise characteristics on both modules. 
-Easily interchangeable microphone capsule and battery pack.  
-Extremely low handling noise characterstics.  
-Backlit LCD displays working channel, transmitter battery status, RF output level and AF input level.  
-Featuring industry's first ACT sync technology for easy and fast transmitter channel set-up.  
-Integrated antenna with reversible color-coded endcaps to shield on/off switch and menu buttons.  
-High performance long-life lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack, easily removable for maintenance.  
-Intelligent charger recharges both transmitter and spare battery simultaneously. 
-Optimal 8~10 hour continuous use from a single 4-hour fast charge.  

Antenna:                                   Built-in
RF Power Output:                     ≦10/50mW switchable
Spurious Radiation:                  ≦-60dBc
Oscillation Mode:                      PLL Technique
Frequency Stability:                  ≦±0.005% at 0~50℃
Modulation Type:                      Digital Modulation
Audio Compression:                 Combiner DSP technology
Battery Power:                          1100mA/h Rechargeable
Battery Life:                              ≧ 8 Continuous Hours
Dimensions:                             50Φx248(L)mm / 2Φx10"
Weight:                                     315g / 11.1oz. (battery included)

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