FBT PROMAXX14 14" 700W Passive Speaker

14" 700w Passive Reinforcement Speaker

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ProMaxX Speaker Series maintains some of the winning attributes of the FBTMaxX Series, incorporates the latest technological achievements designed by FBT’s R&D team, and guarantees quality of construction, utmost reliability, extreme portability and unbelievable sound fidelity.

The ProMaxX Series 2-way speakers feature a sophisticated cabinet design that increases low frequency SPL and virtually eliminates undesired resonance. A custom FBT horn design provides improved projection, accuracy and uniform dispersion of the mid high and high frequencies. Two ergonomic carrying handles are integrated into the cabinets for easier placement on speaker stands and when transporting.

An innovative electronic DSP circuitry and FBT’s latest technological breakthroughs in the development Class D amplification circuitry, “Raises the Bar to New Heights” for lightweight powered speaker systems. Combining this with their ease of use and the versatility for many portable or installed sound reinforcement applications, the ProMaxX Speakers provide Musicians, DJ’s, Audio / Video Contractors, Sound Reinforcement and Audio Rental Companies with advanced systems of Pro audio reproduction.

  • Sturdy, gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosures, engineered to contain undesired resonance.
  • B&C neodymium magnet loudspeakers custom made for FBT.
  • Class D, 1200W + 600W RMS power amplifiers with high efficiency switch mode power supplies.
  • Proprietary filter algorithms, dynamic equalization at low frequencies, and advanced energy control allow high SPL while always granting reliable and distortion free audio reproduction.
  • Original horn profile provides extremely accurate and uniform dispersion for the entire frequency radiation angle, not just for the horizontal and vertical plane.
  • An increase in total SPL thanks to our enclosure design, engineered with 4 bassreflex ports to increase the size of the radiation area, This further enhances low frequency efficiency and performance without a substantial increase in the external dimensions of the cabinets.

FBT’s Digital Signal Processor with 8 factory equalization presets provides simple and efficient EQ adjustment. Extensive tests in our anechoic chamber went into the development of these presets to optimize the ProMaxX speakers for use for numerous applications.
8 speakers in one!

The presets include:

  • ORIGINAL: is the typical FBT sound for general application use.
  • FLOOR: the ProMaxX immediately becomes an ideal stage monitor.
  • VOCAL: provides increased intelligibility and presence for vocals and speech.
  • WARM: gives a full bodied response to the low-mid frequencies and less aggressive on the highs.
  • HI-END SYSTEM: make the response similar to speakers used for touring sound.
  • FARFIELD: optimize the response for listening distance over 15-20 meters, (48-65-ft,).
  • NEARFIELD: optimized response for listening distance of up to 8 mt (25ft,).
  • LOUDNESS: low frequency emphasis / presense at lower volumes for recorded music playback or disco.
Our new unique 14” LF neodymium magnet woofer with a 3” voice coil is featured in the ProMaxX 14a, This 14” woofer is housed inside the same enclosure as the ProMaxX 12a, and delivers the performance of a 15” woofer, but at the size and weight of a 12”.
  • Two ergonomic carrying handles, M10 fly points, top-hat speaker stand socket.
  • 2 – way enclosures have 3 monitor tapers for use as a floor wedge at 12°, 45°, 55°, providing extraordinary versatility for monitor application.

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: FBT
Powered: No
LF Driver Size: 15"
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
Continuous Power: 400W
Peak Power: 1200W
Maximum Peak SPL: 136dB
Frequency Range: 45Hz- 20kHz
Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90 Degrees
Vertical Coverage Angle: 60 Degrees
Depth: 44cm
Width: 50cm
Height: 75cm
Weight: 17kg
Manufacturer Part Number: PROMAXX14
Country of Origin: Italy


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