Emix EMWT 3008A 120W/180W High Power Full Range Horn Speaker

Emix EMWT 3008A

RM2,400.00 RM3,000.00

Emix EMWT 3008A 120W/180W High Power Full Range Horn Speaker

* Weather Proof suitable for both out-door and indoor application
Durable, acoustically efficient, moulded, rugged and high impact fiber glass compact enclosure with metal grill
2 ways create excellent clear, smooth at wide frequency range performance
Constant directivity dispersion coverage 50º H x 70º V (EMWT-3008A) / 40º H x 60º V - Max 138dB (EMWT- 3012A) with very high SPL outputs - Max 130dB suitable for long distance coverage.
High Power handing capacity - 180W RMS (EMWT-3008A) / 300W RMS (EMWT- 3012A)
High impedance input voltage - 70V - 140V (EMWT-3008A) / 70V - 200V (EMWT- 3012A)
Thermal protector is provided to prevent damage caused by accidental excessive of input signals

* Input Voltage : 70V - 140V
* Rated Power : 100w
* Max Power : 180w
* Magnetic Standard : 8.5 GS/m
* Frequency response :  120Hz - 18kHz
* Impedance : 140 ohm
* Conversion Efficiency : 30%
* Sensitivity : 104dB (1m, 1W)
* Sound Pressure Level : 124dB(1m)
* Dispersion (H x V) :50º x 70º (500Hz - 4kHz, -10dB)
* Weight :26kg
* Dimension (W x H x D) : 460 x 560 x 650mm

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