DBX ZonePRO641 Digital Zone Processor

6x4 Digital Zone Processor

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What is B-stock?
One of the biggest myths about "B-stock" equipment, is that it's defective. Not true. In fact, just the opposite!

  • B-stock gear is in perfect working order and has met the same standards as new gear, but could have some slight cosmetic wear.
  • A B-stock unit could have only needed a small repair, or it was a perfect working unit that needed to be repackaged for shipping.

It may have lost that new gear smell, but it will work as well as any new piece of gear. Why should you buy "B-stock" gear? Because it is one of the best all-around values you'll find!

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Dbx
Total Inputs: 6
Total Outputs: 4
Weight: 3kg
Height: 5cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 20cm
Manufacturer Part Number: ZonePro641
Country of Origin: United States

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