DBX 2231 Equalizer

2-Channel 31-Band Graphic EQ with Type III Noise Reduction and Limiter
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Smooth Graphic EQ with Type III Noise Reduction!
It's amazing! One little button makes such a huge difference! dbx Type III Noise Reduction is an entirely new concept-virtually instantaneous encode/decode within the circuitry of the box. Fortunately, this incredible technology is built into every 2231 graphic EQ. Also included is the patent-pending PeakPlus limiter, designed to tame your program material from the subtlest nuances to the rowdiest hits. All of this and, of course, a giant graphic EQ. We're talking 31 bands of EQ on two independent channels!

Tech Specs

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Brand: Dbx
Total Inputs: 4
Total Outputs: 4
Weight: 23kg
Height: 13cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 20cm
Manufacturer Part Number: 2231
Country of Origin: United States

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