Bose Panaray MA12EX 12x2.25" 300W Passive Line Array Speaker - Black

150W Passive Modular Line Array Speaker - Black

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Flexible Array Technology from Bose
From ancient cathedrals to modern gymatoriums, the Bose Panaray MA12EX modular line array speaker makes easy work of your acoustically demanding space. The MA12EX is designed to deliver higher intelligibility in the vocal frequency range than most speakers, so even at its loudest your message will be distortion-free. The MA12EX is engineered to focus on horizontal coverage while its modular format makes these loudspeakers stackable for vertical coverage - thanks to this articulated array design you get unparalleled control over your sound space. Indoors or out, the Bose Panaray MA12EX modular line array speaker is your chance to bring better sound into your venue.

Bose Panaray MA12EX Modular Line Array Speaker at a Glance:

  • Unparalleled coverage control of your space
  • Speech intelligibility and full-range music
  • Get great sound in a flexible package

Unparalleled coverage control of your space
With a single MA12EX you have 160-degrees of horizontal dispersion so you'll have fewer overlapping speakers and eliminate worry about phasing and "hot spots". The 20-degree vertical pattern means no more sending your sound to the rafters or the floor, but if you need more vertical coverage, you have it - the modular format of the MA12EX lets you stack multiple loudspeakers. Each speaker has six inserts for mounting hardware, so all that's left to do is call your Sales Engineer and find out what will work best for your room.

Wider frequency response for full-range response without subs
You get more intelligibility from the MA12EX's 12, 2.25" drivers at a lower wattages than any other installed loudspeaker on the market today. Full-range, 150-watt performance gives you a 75Hz to 13kHz (-3dB at 150W) response so you'll have the sound you need for speech and lighter music programs without additional subs. And if all you're reinforcing is speech, your frequency response broadens and you get twice the power to push your audio.

Get great sound in a flexible package
If your room is a 100-year-old church with marble columns and 30 foot ceilings, rigging isn't an option for your speakers. Bose has several mounting bracket options to get your PA in just the right place without destroying historic beauty. Weather-resistant drivers let you take the MA12EX outside to play whether you're making announcements at the ball park or adding ambiance to a foot path at the botanical garden. Indoors or out, the paintable exterior and grill let you blend your speakers into the surroundings. The MA12EX lets you put professional quality Bose sound anywhere - literally!

Bose Panaray MA12EX Modular Line Array Speaker Features:

  • Twelve 2.25" full-range drivers in a vertical articulated array design deliver ultimate horizontal coverage
  • Modular design lets you stack multiple speakers in a line array configuration for increased vertical coverage
  • Full-range speech and light music reinforcement without separate subwoofers
  • Powder-coated extruded-aluminum sidewalls and grille are easily paintable to match your decor

Quality sound for your unique space with the Bose MA12EX!

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Bose
Powered: No
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
Continuous Power: 150W
Peak Power: 600W
Maximum Peak SPL: 115dB
Frequency Range: 58Hz-16kHz (-10dB)
Depth: 14cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 98cm
Weight: 9kg
Manufacturer Part Number: MA12EXB
Country of Origin: United States


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