BMB Karaoke Package CSN 10

BMB Karaoke Package CSN 10

Spend your precious free time with your family or your friends with this Karaoke Classic Package CSN 10.This Karaoke set is from Japan. Enjoy your free time, sing with passion, get along happily with your loves one now! Get it today while the stock last.


BMB Karaoke Package CSN 10

Package includes:
* 1 unit DAS-400 - BMB Karaoke Amplifier - 300W x 2 Channels (8 ohm) or 150W x 4 Channel (8 ohm)
* 2 units CSN-500 - BMB Karaoke Speaker - 2 Way 3 Speakers (10-inch) 225W Rated Input Power x (1 Pair)
* 2 units NKN-300 - BMB Karaoke Wired Microphone x (2 nos) with 5 meters Microphone Cable

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