BMB CSH Premium Karaoke Package

8″ 3 ways 3 Speaker 300w, 150w x 4ch Amplifier, 8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand

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BMB DAS-400 (150w x 4ch Amplifier)
The BMB DAS amplifier is designed to sustain a 300-watt output continuously without distortion or damage to the amplifier. Unlike other amplifiers in the market that may become damaged or cause music to sound distorted when reaching maximum output, BMB’s amplifier is designed with much greater power and safety margins in mind so outputting at a constant 300 watts can be easily achieved without any problem.

BMB CSH-200 (8″ 3 ways 3 Speaker 300w)
The BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers consists of a 3-Way, 3-Speaker system in each speaker cabinet. This speaker system will deliver your bass using two 8″ woofers, your mids using two 3″ squawkers, and your high frequencies will be handled with two 3″ tweeters. The speaker cones themselves utilize BMB’s special paper cones that are made in Japan. These cones, with their special materials and construction, are what ultimately deliver BMB’s premium sound when paired with the BMB DAH-100 karaoke amplifier.

BMB CSH-200W (8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand)
The BMB CSH-W200 Subwoofer is built to bring excellent bass to your sound system. Get the best sound when paired with the DAH-100 or BMB DAS Series karaoke amplifier & BMB speaker system. The added bass will significantly enhances your listening and performing experience!

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: BMB
Powered: No
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
Continuous Power: 150W
Peak Power: 300W
Weight: 42kg
Manufacturer Part Number: CSHPREMIUM
Country of Origin: Japan

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