BMB CSD12 Karaoke Package

Karaoke System with BMB DAR-800 II (150w x 4ch Amplifier) , BMB CSD-2000 (12″ 3ways 5 Speaker 500w) 

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BMB DAR-800 II (150w x 4ch Amplifier)
The BMB DAR-800II is one of the best sounding amplifiers available for karaoke and can power up to 4 speakers with up to 600W of power. This machine has been rigorously tested for quality and can play many hours reliably easily making the DAR-800II perfect for karaoke venues or your performances. With simple connections, the DAR-800II can be setup to you be used in your home as well. This advanced system will make sure your audio comes through flawlessly. Best when paired with a set of BMB speakers matched for the DAR-800II's power level.

BMB CSD-2000 (12″ 3ways 5 Speaker 500w)
It is a breakthrough to the routine cognition of traditional rated input power of 500W with a max input of 1000W Karaoke speaker and the dual-use of the speaker is achieved.

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: BMB
Powered: No
XLR Inputs: 1
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
Continuous Power: 500W
Peak Power: 1200W
Maximum Peak SPL: 130dB
Frequency Range: 50Hz-16,000Hz
Depth: 57cm
Width: 35cm
Height: 34cm
Weight: 19kg
Manufacturer Part Number: CSD12
Country of Origin: Japan

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