1. We have launched VCARE to serve you better

    VCAREWe have launched VCARE to serve you better. Vbizz always try to improve with new ways to satisfy our clients!

    Dear our Loyalty Customers:
    We are providing basic On-site Checking to all of you including Corporates, House of worship, Cafes owner and every end users! No charges required! Please contact us now!
    * Valid for Klang Valley *

    To our New and Potential Customers:
    We are here to introduce our upgraded service for installation and products, Worry-free Audio System Package for 3 Years! You can visit by clicking HERE.

    Besides that, we provide site visit if you need us to Design, Supply and Ins

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  2. Minkez Wireless Microphone is at Bistro

    Minkez VM-131 Wireless Micrpophone is being used at a Bistro for Karaoke purpose now! The outcome is loud and clear. They love it so much. Thank you.

    Click HERE to view the product details.

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  3. JBL, Behringer, Electro Voice (EV) for Reseller

    We are here to announce that Vbizz has been appointed as the Stockist for Electro Voice (EV), Harman Pro Audio brands including JBL, Soundraft, AKG, and Behringer!

    We are able to supply to all the Reseller, Rental Companies, System Integrators and Dealers!

    Feel free to Contact Us now!

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  4. Sennheiser Evolving with You for the Next Generation

    With evolution wireless G4, we have built on the extremely rich feature set of the G3 series, expanding its capabilities even further, while still maintaining the compelling pricing of the preceding generation,” said Dennis Stegemerten, product manager for evolution wireless G4. “Many user-inspired improvements have been included, and all systems will be fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, safeguarding our customers’ investments.

    Compared to G3, the 100 series impresses with new multi-channel capabilities: Up to 12 wireless systems can now be daisy-chained for simultaneous programming via an enhanced Easy Set-up function. The daisy-chain cable comes included, as do rack-mount ears for professional use. The orange LCD display of G3 has been replaced with a high-contrast black and white LCD display. Also new are a sync LED and an Escape button for more convenient and quicker operation. The 100 series handheld featu

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  5. Shure SM57 is So Great. Have you got one?

    There’s one microphone that every engineer, pro or otherwise, has in their mic locker, and that’s the legendary Shure SM57 — it’s the most popular dynamic microphone on the planet. So why is this unassuming little mic on so many professional engineers’ desert island mic lists? Why is it found on first-class concert stages worldwide? What makes it such a great mic? Here are a few reasons:

    It Sounds Good on Everything

    The SM57 is one of those rare mics that always sounds good and never sounds bad. If you’re miking a guitar amp, snare drum, or brass instrument and aren’t sure which mic to use, throw up an SM57. It may not deliver mind-blowing results, but it will always sound good. That said, sometimes it is the best-sounding mic for the job. When I was a neophyte audio engineer, I was tasked with setting up the mic for a me

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  6. 11 Tips for Better Voice-over Recording

    When recording a voice-over - whether it’s a single sentence or a whole audio book — there are several things that you can do to improve the quality of the voice-over.

    Engineer’s Tips
    1 - Put the right mic in the right place
    Try to start with the right microphone: if at all possible, experiment with your current microphone collection to see if one or more of them make the voice sound like you want it to sound. If so, that’s great. If not, look at a couple of different options. we recommend large-diaphragm condensers - specifically, Shure’s KSM44A - more than any of our other mics for voice-over (commonly abbreviated as VO) sessions. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t use a dynamic microphone such as the Shure SM7B when that sounds better for a particular voice. Our practice is to use mics in a cardioid pattern - and if there’s a low-cut filter on the mic, we’ll use it.

    When recording the voice-over, start

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  7. Top 10 Things Before Building a Studio

    There are numerous advantages to having a home recording studio — being able to produce your own music, your own way, and on your own time is incredibly liberating. And while the up-front cost can seem a bit steep, avoiding a commercial studio’s hourly rates saves money in the long run. And building a home studio is easier than you think if you have a solid plan. It’s not the sort of project that you want to tackle by making on-the-fly decisions, though — that road almost always leads to disaster. So how do you make a plan? Here are 10 things you should consider before you get started.

    Establish Your Budget
    Building a studio isn’t cheap. Not only do you need equipment such as a computer, interface, software, microphones, monitors, musical instruments, etc., but you’ll also need to invest in acoustic treatment, cables, furniture, lighting, building materials, and more. It’s important to make a list of everything you need s

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