1. 5 Tips for a Great Mixing on Headphones

    When you’re mixing, nothing beats a quality set of studio monitors inside a well-treated acoustic space. But what if your room has poor acoustics? What if you want to work late at night? What if you want to mix on the road? If these situations describe you, you might have no choice but to mix with headphones. Headphones are great for reference and for exposing tiny details in your project, but they bring their own issues, such as an unnaturally wide stereo image, a skewed frequency response, and a lack of crossfeed between your left and right ears. That said, plenty of pro musicians, engineers, and producers routinely mix on headphones, either by choice or necessity. So how do you create a great-sounding mix using headphones? Here are some tips.

    Avoid Hard Panning
    When you listen to studio monitors, the sound from the left speaker reaches not only your left ear but your right ear as well (and vice versa). Because of t

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